When I first started taking on home-building projects on my own, I knew off the bat some of the things I wanted to work on for the kitchen and the garage. I started looking at small things I could start building for the house and quickly realized that I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

Happy family crossing streets

Every now and then, I get into a string of days where I’m out of it and just not feeling like myself. I get up in the morning and I don’t have the energy to do what I have to do for the day.

Lime Chicken Tacos with a Kick

The lime gives the chicken a nice and refreshing flavor but also keeps the chicken juicy!

Friends having a toast

We’re going to go over cocktails that we think deserves a little more attention, requires very little effort to make, and it’s something that could be a party favorite the next time you host a barbecue.

Simon Sinek, becoming a better leader

What does it mean to be a good leader? It’s about being able to connect with those you are responsible for whether its your family or your co-workers and being able to provide what they need so that they’re enabled to be the best version of themselves.