7 Must have tools for every DIYer

December 25, 2020

  • Carpenter

When I first started taking on home-building projects on my own, I knew off the bat some of the things I wanted to work on for the kitchen and the garage. I didn’t have any previous experience in any home carpentry or woodwork.

I started looking at small things I could start building for the house and quickly realized that I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle.


I did not own any tools and honestly, I had no idea where to start with my tool collection. So, I’ll go over the 10 most essential tools that are going to cover most of the DIY projects you take on when you’re starting off.

1. Start off with a Toolbelt

This is where you’ll carry all of your essential tools when you’re walking around your garage building out your next home project.

Think about all the times you couldn’t find the hammer you just used or couldn’t find the nail you were just about to drive. Having a toolbelt on you is going to save a ton of time from walking back and forth retrieving your tools.

Check out our buddies over at The Spruce for what they believe is the best tool belt out on the market.

2. Hammer time

Most DIY and home builders will have a wide range of hammers for the different situations and the materials that they are hammering through.

From hammering nails in wood and drywall to pulling them back out, look to grab a steel neck hammer for its durability.

Hammer on a toolbelt

3. You can never have enough utility knives

A tool that seems like a no-brainer to own but it’s easy to forget when you’re starting fresh.

From opening the packaging of the materials you’re using to cutting the edges off the masking tape after a paint job, a sharp razor blade utility knife is a must-have. Make sure to grab one where you can replace the blades.

4. Keeping it level

Whether you’re hanging a picture frame or working on cabinets in your kitchen, a leveler is going to guarantee that everything is level.

A nice 12-inch leveler is a perfect addition to your toolbelt and it is going to take a lot of guessing away.

Level and utility knife

5. A woodworker’s favorite tool

A speed square is an extremely valuable tool for all carpenters and woodworkers. If you’re just starting out with woodwork at home, this tool is a must.

You can take basic measurements and measure out angles from an anchor point to mark lines to guide where you cut.

When it comes to working with 2x4s, a speed square is going to give you a ton of valuable information.

Check out Garage Tool Advisor’s review of the Speed Squares on the market.

Speed square ruler

6. Cordless drill

This is going to be the most commonly used tool for all the DIYers out there. The drill bit is such a powerful tool but also very versatile.

When it comes to drilling holes and driving nails, you will have a plethora of options based on the drill bit you are using. Grow your collection of drill bits and you’re going to get more out of your cordless drill.

When you’re Look to grab an 18volt or 20volt as that will be enough power to handle most of your projects

Man using a cordless drill

7. Circular power saw

The circular saw is our most advanced tool on the list today but it may be the one tool that opens up a whole new world of DIY projects for you.

You take your materials and cut them into very specific dimensions and fasten them to something else. Due to it being compact and not as heavy as a regular saw, you’re able to make more precise cuts swiftly.

When you purchase materials, they will never be in the exact dimensions you need them to be so the circular saw is absolutely essential if you want to take your projects to the next level.

If you want to get a good idea of how to handle one of these things, Home Depot has an article that gives you a very good idea of how to use one for the first time.

A man using a circular power saw

Alright, so there you have it! Our list of the most essential tools to own when you’re just starting out on your journey of DIY projects.

These tools will get you a long way before you need to start upgrading your tools and adding some more situation-specific equipment.

Enjoy building your new coffee table and we will catch you guys next time.