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  • Dear business owner/operator,

    Here's some sample text we used in a similar way with a hotel client of ours...might help the writing

    Our guests are always asking about local restaurants and things to do. Luckily, our area of downtown Orlando has a wonderfully eclectic blend of dining options...all within walking distance. We would like to do both you (and our guests) a favor by showcasing the best local establishments, owners, and experiences we can find.

    Please take a few minutes to complete this online form. Let us know about your business and what makes you unique. Tell us your story and what customers can expect to find. If you've got your menu in digital format, please upload that as well.

    From there, we'll be armed with accurate information to share with our guests. Your establishment will be showcased on our website, in your own words, with a full menu for our guests to review.

    Please complete at your earliest convenience. We'll set up your showcase as soon as possible. If you have any questions, I welcome you to contact me directly.

    Dennis J. Campbell
    Owner, Off the Backboard Barbecue Sauce
    p. (602) 909-8744 | Send Email

    Dennis J. Campbell owner at Off the Backboard Barbecue Sauce