The Story

by Dennis J. Campbell, Founder

Welcome flavor seekers and barbecue lovers,

The story of our world class sauce takes place in sunny Paradise Valley, Arizona. Approximately 16 years ago, my family and I moved into a new neighborhood. There was a cool little park nearby and I passed it often on my way to work.

One Saturday morning, I saw a big group of older guys (around my age actually) playing basketball. I’ve always loved to play ball – I even played for my high school’s team. Because of the position I played in high school (which was the last time I played organized basketball) my favorite shot has always been off the backboard from about 8-10 feet away.

After seeing these guys out playing a few Saturdays in a row, I decided it was time to go check it out. So, I put my kicks on, laced ’em up good, and walked over to the park to introduce myself and play a little ball. The rest is history!

Since then, I’ve been playing basketball with these fellas every week for over 16 years. It’s like bein’ a kid all over again. Heck we even have nicknames for each other! I’m not Dennis when I’m on the court with these guys, I’m Denny.

Over time, we’ve learned a lot about each other (family, jobs, and all that stuff) and one day I let slip that I was a chef while in the U.S. Navy. Well, being the family that we are, I volunteered to bring some homemade barbecue out to the court. I brought out a barbecued brisket, baked beans, a little bubbly, and my special barbecue sauce.

I’ve been bringing barbecue out to the court a few times a year since. These barbecue days always include champagne, some good red wine, side dishes provided by the other guys, and my barbecue (brisket, pulled pork, ribs, or whatever else the guys talk me into) as the main dish.

It’s always cooked and served with my own homemade barbecue sauce. Recently, I caved in to peer pressure from the guys and decided to share my barbecue sauce with everyone!

I hope you’ll enjoy this barbecue sauce as much as we do.

pickup basketball in Phoenix

Here’s the “Off the Backboard” group playing hard and still going strong on New Year’s Day 2020