grill feature

We’re going to talk about a really cool way to take your boring grill just sitting outside and turn it into a built-in grill station to spice up your setup.

driver golf lesson video

Who doesn’t want to hit the ball longer and straighter than everyone else?…and win the resulting bragging rights (not to mention lower scores) that go along with it.

Guy grilling meat

Gentlemen, it’s time we switch gears and talk about some sports, specifically sports betting and the different options on how to bet on sports.

Teriyaki Beef Tenderloin

Take on a tasty homemade Teriyaki sauce on your juicy beef tenderloins with this easy recipe.

Times are always changing but you can really tell the difference between how your parents grew up, how you grew up, and if you have kids, how they are growing up.

Buafflo Chicken Macn and Cheese

Add some extra kick and flavor to your mac and cheese with some Buffalo chicken and sausage.