The Origins & Evolution of
Off the Backboard Barbecue Sauce

May 26, 2021

It’s funny how things change over time. From what started as a fun barbecue session with the boys on the public basketball courts in Phoenix, has become a global enterprise available on platforms like and Alibaba.

We believe it’s important to always remember where you came from…

Team photo

The 1st generation of our product bottles and where it all began. We started with having our barbecue sauce placed in Mason Jars however, we had some difficulties with the label placement so we started to look for other options.

USDA organic barbecue sauce

The next step was to locate a product placement facility in Phoenix Arizona. I was fortunate to find Adam Kaufman VP of Coyote Kitchen. For our 2nd generation bottles, we went with a squeeze-style bottle to easily pour out the sauce.

Adam provided both a sanitary and safe environment to produce my sauce, he has been a mentor to me in the food production space. In our 3rd generation bottles, we stepped back from the squeeze style, to a bulkier, glass, open pour cap design.

off backboard sauce 2-pack

Our latest bottles combine all of the styles that we’ve used in the past. The things we learn through trial and error. We went with a taller and less bulky design from our past model and also went with a plastic bottle for more durability.